East of the River Park Master Plan – Park Design Week April 30 to May 4

NEPNA Meeting on April 12, at NE Park Recreation Center

The next Northeast Park Neighborhood Association Board Meeting is coming up on Thursday, April 12, at 6:30 p.m., at the new NE Park Recreation Center – 1530 Johnson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.


1. Review and vote on NEPNA’s 2017 MN Charitable
Organization Annual Report
2. Review and vote on strategic plan for funding NEPNA
NEPNA Community Engagement Plan
Funding Availability
3. Update on the East of the River Master Plan from our
committee advisory member
4. Representatives from the Zombie Pub Crawl will
present on their plan to bring the event to NE

Northeast Park Recreation Center Grand Opening Celebration on March 10

All-day activities start at 9:00am with remarks and ribbon cutting starting at 10:00am.

For more information see the Northeast Recreation Center webpage and the attached invitation.

NEPNA Board meeting on March 8, at Yinghua Academy

The next NEPNA Board meeting is on March 8, at 6:30 p.m., at Yinghua Academy.

NEPNA February 8 Board Meeting at Yinghua Academy

The next NEPNA Board meeting is on Thursday, February 8, at 6:30 p.m., at Yinghua Academy.



MPRB Seeks Community Advisory Committee Members for East of the River Park Master Plan

Dear Northeast Park Neighborhood Residents:

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) is beginning a process to plan all the neighborhood parks in the Northeast and Southeast Service Area, which includes all of the neighborhood parks east of the Mississippi River.

On June 28th, the MPRB Commissioners approved the composition of a Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is a group of community members that will guide the project and make recommendations to the Board. The MPRB is asking for appointments from seven geographic groupings of neighborhood organizations.

The following groupings were arranged by Commissioner Wielinski and the neighborhood groups, and approved by the Board of Commissioners:

• Waite-and Colombia Park
• Audubon and Windom
• Marshall Terrace, Bottineau and Sheridan
• NE Park, Beltrami, Logan, and Holland
• St Anthony East, St Anthony West
• Nicollet Island East Bank, Marcy Holmes and the
• SE Como and Mid City Industrial, Prospect Park

Each geographic grouping will have a primary and alternate representative(s) that equal the number of neighborhoods in the grouping. Each grouping will prioritize the order of the alternate representative(s). An alternate can act as the neighborhood representative appointee at CAC meetings when the primary representative is not available.

The process works like this:

The MPRB staff team is promoting the project through various channels and will be receiving applications from the general public. The deadline to submit applications is August 25, 2017.

For more information on the project, please visit the project webpage at

A link to the CAC application is below:


The neighborhood groups will review the applications submitted to the MPRB. They will have until September 29, 2017, to select their preferred candidates.

CAC meetings will take place in the northeast/southeast service area in the evenings starting in fall 2017. Though final meeting dates have not yet been scheduled, the total time commitment for a CAC member is likely to include:

• Between seven and nine two-hour meetings beginning in September 2017 through late 2018;
• Some general assistance with and/or attendance at community events throughout the planning process; and
• Work group meetings as needed.

CAC members will be primarily asked to provide guidance on the East of the River Park Master Plan as a whole. It is important that CAC members are big picture thinkers able to see beyond the boundaries of a single park or neighborhood. Small stipends are available to CAC members for childcare and transportation.

About the East of the River Park Master Plan:
The first service areas master planned were South (2016) and Downtown (2017). The North Service Area is currently underway. The Northeast Southeast Service Area Master Plan, also called the East of the River Minneapolis Neighborhood Park Plan, includes all Minneapolis neighborhood parks east of the Mississippi River. It features:

• 26 neighborhood parks
• 5 regional park and trail areas
• 7 community and neighborhood recreation centers
• the possibility of creating new parks, lands, and land

The Service Area Master Plan will take a comprehensive look at each park asset within the Northeast Southeast Service Area; set a vision for operations, management, programming, and capital improvement; and create a master plan for each non-regional park within the service area.


18th Avenue Reconstruction

The 18th Avenue Committee has reached out to the City of Minneapolis about the construction timeline and the possibility for a neighborhood Q&A meeting. As of late March, the City still has not hired a contractor for the construction. The City’s project managers for the 18th reconstruction project are delaying a neighborhood meeting until a contractor is hired so that they can provide the most accurate information possible – but they have stated they do intend to hold a meeting.

When NEPNA finds out the date and time of that meeting, we will get that information out as quickly as we can. In the meantime, those who are interested are strongly encouraged to visit the project website page hosted by the City of Minneapolis and sign up (on that page) for email updates as the project moves forward.

NEPNA Board set to vote on Final 2017-2019 CPP report on April 12

The NEPNA Board has scheduled to vote on final approval of a 2017-2019 report on engagement strategy and draft funding plans that the City requires for compliance with the City’s Community Participation Plan program. As the document was previously posted for community review and for open comment, the Board is now posting the final document for the neighborhood to review before the approval vote next week.

The most significant changes made were to add detail about specific means of engaging neighbors and to include outreach to underrepresented groups in our outreach goals in alignment with the new strategic plan being developed for NEPNA’s “robust community engagement” push this year.

Click the link to view the Final CPP report here:


NEPNA Board meeting scheduled for April 12 at Yinghua Academy

I-94 Shutdown Info Session on March 23 at Firefighters Hall