18th Avenue Reconstruction

The 18th Avenue Committee has reached out to the City of Minneapolis about the construction timeline and the possibility for a neighborhood Q&A meeting. As of late March, the City still has not hired a contractor for the construction. The City’s project managers for the 18th reconstruction project are delaying a neighborhood meeting until a contractor is hired so that they can provide the most accurate information possible – but they have stated they do intend to hold a meeting.

When NEPNA finds out the date and time of that meeting, we will get that information out as quickly as we can. In the meantime, those who are interested are strongly encouraged to visit the project website page hosted by the City of Minneapolis and sign up (on that page) for email updates as the project moves forward.

NEPNA Board set to vote on Final 2017-2019 CPP report on April 12

The NEPNA Board has scheduled to vote on final approval of a 2017-2019 report on engagement strategy and draft funding plans that the City requires for compliance with the City’s Community Participation Plan program. As the document was previously posted for community review and for open comment, the Board is now posting the final document for the neighborhood to review before the approval vote next week.

The most significant changes made were to add detail about specific means of engaging neighbors and to include outreach to underrepresented groups in our outreach goals in alignment with the new strategic plan being developed for NEPNA’s “robust community engagement” push this year.

Click the link to view the Final CPP report here:


NEPNA Community Participation Plan available for comment

Deadline for comment: March 1st, 2017

At the February NEPNA Board meeting, the Board approved a motion to extend the approval deadline for the neighborhood’s Community Participation Plan (CPP) until April of 2017, in order to allow for neighborhood comment. The CPP document is an outline of how the neighborhood intends to undertake community engagement efforts, increase organizational capacity, reach out to underrepresented groups, and a budget projection for the coming years. The CPP is a required document for any Minneapolis neighborhood seeking funding through the 2017-2019 cycle.

We are requesting comment on the CPP report from the Northeast Park community. You can access the draft version of the CPP report and the budget here:

NEPNA 2017-2019 CPP Report for Review (PDF)

NEPNA 2017-2019 CPP Report for Review (Word)

NEPNA 2017-2019 CPP Budget

You are welcome to review this document and submit comments to info@northeastpark.org by March 1st, 2017 to be incorporated into a revised draft. You may attend the March NEPNA meeting and make comments at that time (March 8th at 6:30 at Yinghua Academy).